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Tell our Nation's Veterans that YOU care

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We deserve life.

"We deserve life. We deserve to not have to always be on guard, to not have to stay in and isolate. We deserve to enjoy what we fought so hard for." (Warrior from October 2017 Program)

The words of this program participant really hit home. Our Nation asked these men and women to serve and they did serve. Now, all they want to do is live the life that they fought so hard for.

In the summer of 2017 TRR was contacted by a former Army Officer who was concerned about the high rate of suicide among the veterans he had served with in Iraq. In his words:

"During a twelve-month period beginning in November 2016, seven combat veterans with whom I deployed committed suicide. Having served as an Officer for these Soldiers during a combat mission in Iraq from 2007-8, the high suicide rate nearly ten years later caused me great concern.

I reached out to TRR for help in addressing this critical situation, and you offered all of the slots for the March 2018 Warrior Camp to the Soldiers with whom I served during my combat tour. When I attended the Warrior Camp as a participant alongside several of my former Soldiers, I saw first-hand the tremendous work that TRR does.The multi-modality approach that includes equine assisted psychotherapy and yoga helped us tremendously.

The program got to the heart of lingering wounds from our combat mission and helped us experience healing both as a group and individually.

Because of TRR, we were able to resolve trauma from combat we have been carrying for over 10 years."
-- Former US Army Officer

TRR's Warrior Camp® Program literally saved lives in 2018.

There are still many, many veterans who are suffering. We need your help to save more of our Nation's veterans. Will you join us?

We know that you, like us, are dedicated to caring for our Nation's veterans and giving them a chance for life, to enjoy what they fought so hard for. We believe that this is the least that we can do for them.