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Stop suicides among our Military Veterans

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After the parades, our veterans still need you.

Recently TRR received this note from a donor: "If I had known about TRR, my son might be alive today." Tamara Murphy, in honor of her son - Jesse Tollakson, January 25, 1983- November 21, 2012.

Moral Injury is fueling the high rate of suicide among Military Veterans. Moral Injury is an existential or spiritual crisis that is the consequence of having been trained to override the intrinsic aversion to the taking of human life. It can also be the result of having perpetrated acts during combat operations, necessary at the time for survival, that damage ones conscience or moral compass. It is an ethical response. Healing Moral Injury in our nations' veterans is key to their survival and we address Moral Injury in all aspects of our program..

Treating PTSD without addressing Moral Injury is not adequate care.

In the words of a 21-year Army Veteran and 3-tour Combat Medic:

"I owe my life to Warrior Camp."

In the words of a Military spouse:

"I sent my husband to you all broken, and he came back whole."

Your donation literally helps warriors choose to live.