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Recently a Warrior Camp participant posted this on our GreatNonprofits page:

"2 weeks ago today I met a horse for the first time. Not that I haven't seen, been in close proximity to, or even hung out with numerous horses before; but this was the first time I let myself actually pay attention to them. I didn't actually need to talk to them to learn what they had to teach me. They have a way letting you know what's up and where you need to be really quick. If you had told me 15 days ago that the next day I would find myself believing that things could get better, I would have laughed at you. Best case scenario is that I'd smile, nod, and in my head ignored the rest of the conversation. What really happened, I believe, is that parts of me began to believe that healing was possible. Eva has created a one of a kind program that gives you no choice but to heal in one way or another. Between the brotherhood, the support staff being combat veterans/Warrior Camp alumni, the providers being the best of the best, and those giant living breathing reflections of ourselves, something really magical takes place. I have been far too close to the edge to not completely understand how so many veterans end up taking their own lives. Please, find a way to believe these reviews and attend a Warrior Camp. If one isn't available soon then promise your loved ones that you'll stick around until the next one. I'm not going to promise you unicorn farts and pixy dust, but I will guarantee that you will come out of it with a belief that things can be different. You'll also know exactly what small steps every day you can take to make your life the best it can be. I can also guarantee that it won't be easy, but it will be worth every tear. Warriors fight. That's what we're good at. Let Warrior Camp give you the tools to be victorious." U.S. Army Combat Medic, October 2019Your donation literally helps warriors choose to live.