Train the Trainers: Yoga for Military Moral Injury Repair

September 27, 2020 @ 12:00PM — 4:00PM

Are you having trouble engaging Military Veterans in your yoga classes? Or, do you have Veterans in class but are not sure whether they have PTSD or something else might be going on? Many Veterans are struggling with Military Moral Injury and not PTSD. Join us and we will show you how to see the difference, and what to do then. This workshop is a virtual experience due to Covid-19. We will teach how to engage military veterans and first responders - as a group - to address the challenges of service, and to repair relationships with family and community by focusing on Military Moral Injury repair on the mat. This is a follow-up to our Webinar on Yoga that was conducted this summer and can be found on our website:

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Post deployment, many Military veterans have lost their sense of self. This can be because of what they have done during combat operations or because they suffered disruption of unit cohesion due to combat losses. It can also be because they returned to their home communities by themselves. Working with them in groups on the mat is a way to re-establish the connections that kept them alive in combat, without which many of them cannot survive reintegration into society.

Well-conducted yoga classes for veterans can help them develop a common purpose. At war, veterans’ unit cohesion serves the common purpose of mission accomplishment. At home, learning to be part of a new group serves the common purpose of a different mission: living in family and contributing to society.


  1. The difference between PTSD and Military Moral Injury©
  2. How to safely teach yoga to morally injured Military Veterans


  • Yoga teachers
  • Yoga students
  • Military Veterans
  • Veteran service providers

VA Adaptive Sports Grant covers all veteran expenses.

All proceeds raised that are over and above the VA Grant expense allowances will be dedicated to direct services for veterans.

TRR has been saving Military Veterans’ lives since 2013.


Luke Ketterhagen

Luke graduated magna cum laude with a degree in biomedical sciences from Marquette University. Then, he immersed himself in the study and practice of yoga, meditation and natural health for over seven years while in residence at the Himalayan Institute. After that intensive, Luke began teaching classes, workshops and teacher training programs specializing in hatha, meditation, and lifestyle. Luke's teacher, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, has always inspired him to share the knowledge of yoga - breathing, relaxation, meditation, health and wellness - in a practical way that will help bring equanimity and balance to people's lives. Luke lives in New York, leads excursions to India and teaches nationally and internationally.

For over 21 years I have been blessed to share the gift that yoga and meditation gave to me. Yoga is based on a simple yet profound message. To learn about yoga is to learn that you are responsible for yourself. You are responsible for your own happiness. And you can achieve that happiness through the systematic methods of this ancient Tradition and the company of fellow seekers. Through study and practice you will see who you really are, as you are; outside of any pre-existing circumstances or roles. Without fail you then begin the journey to not only accepting yourself, but loving yourself in the process.

I believe in the goodness and joy in the human spirit. I believe in the ability of people to channel their own personal will and discipline on themselves to make change. I believe that happiness is possible when the faith in one's inner joy is skillfully wed with human effort. We all have incredible capacity. Through the practice we can realize it.

Eva J. Usadi, MA, BCD

Eva Usadi is the Founder and Executive Director of Trauma and Resiliency Resources, and the Clinical Director of its award-winning Warrior Camp® program.

Ms. Usadi is Certified as an Equine Assisted Psychotherapist, an EMDR Therapist and Consultant, a Sensorimotor Psychotherapist and a Group Psychotherapist. She holds a Certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies from the Trauma Center in Boston, MA.

She is an approved provider for TRICARE, a Military Family Life Consultant, a POPPA clinician for NYPD, a contract therapist with the FDNY and a preferred provider for Doctors Without Borders. She is a Himalayan Institute Trained 200-hour yoga teacher.

In private practice in NYC, Ms. Usadi specializes in the assessment and treatment of PTSD, Complex PTSD and Moral Injury. She has presented at national and international conferences for well over a decade, as well as to Veteran Service Organizations in NYC and elsewhere. She is the daughter of a World War II Veteran.